5 de junio de 2022 · 2 Min. de lectura

Semantics in Databases (Dagstuhl Seminar 01021)

RL2, Publisher: Schloss Dagstuhl-Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Link>


Bernhard Thalheim, Gyula OH Katona, Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Leopoldo Bertossi


In the early days of database research, issues related to database semantics played a prominent role, and papers discussing database models, conceptual design, integrity constraints, normalization often dominated major database conferences. This began to change more than a decade ago, and nowadays those issues do not appear to be part of the mainstream database research. This situation is caused by several reasons: the problem began to be too difficult, the community was hoping on solutions based on better database models, the variety of buzzwords for new models and approaches required foundation and clarification, the problems raised by application required a lot of research, the pending hope on a universal, simple and genius solutions. Nevertheless the semantical foundations are left open for most of the modern database models or are not existing for models such as UML or XML. At the same time, the community was forgetting the achievements of the early database research. The seminar" Semantics in databases" will be a forum for researchers still interested in database semantics and which can contribute on the basis of research on database semantics and modern approaches of logics, algebra and combinatorics to the solution of very difficult problems raised in application. The first workshop" Semantics in Databases" has been organized in Rez in January 1995. The results of the discussions of the workshop have been summarized in the post workshop proceedings published in LNCS 1358. Semantics of databases and information systems can be based on approaches which have been developed and successfully used …

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