4 de junio de 2022 · 1 Min. de lectura

X-ray Image Representation

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Christian Pieringer, Domingo Mery


In this chapter, we cover several topics that are used to represent an X-ray image (or a specific region of an X-ray image). This representation means that new features are extracted from the original image that can give us more information than the raw information expressed as a matrix of gray values. This kind of information is extracted as features or descriptors, i.e., a set of values, that can be used in pattern recognition problems such as object recognition, defect detection, etc. The chapter explains geometric and intensity features, and local descriptors and sparse representations that are very common in computer vision applications. It is worthwhile to mention, that the features mentioned in this chapter are called handcrafted features, in contrast to the learned features that are explained in Chap. 7 using deep learning techniques. Finally, the chapter addresses some feature selection techniques that can be used to chose which features are relevant in terms of extraction.

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